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Rick Gabrielly

Rick Gabrielly is a passionate husband, father, coach, author, podcaster and American Wellness Entrepreneur. His limitless enthusiasm, love of technology, and exploration of energy medicine inspires and motivates others. By choosing LOVE over fear, Rick creates an environment of high-vibration, light-filled possibilities to help others uncover, cultivate and celebrate their own unique gifts, as well as the gifts in those around them.

Rick Gabrielly is the COO & Visionary of Scarsdale Dental Spa & Wellness for the past 27 years. Along with Carol, his wife, they are Independent Distributors & Group Leaders for BEMER Group USA and co-authors of The Currency of Connection. Rick is in Regional Leadership with Master Networks, and is a speaker, author, educator and the co-host of the runaway hit podcast, The Road Ahead Cafe.

I am connected with Universal Vidya to help support better education for our young people around the world.