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Scholarship Program - Beginning 2023

The purpose of the scholarship program is to support students in the further education of their academic journey. Intended audiences are students that lack most academic performance records, but showcase their talent and excellence through the application. Most organizations that provide scholarships to students do so solely based on their academic performance, which does not allow talented and academically lacking students to get any scholarship opportunity. However, our organization will have a holistic review of applicants and provide scholarships to students based on the entire application and not just academic performance.

Deciding Factors of Awardees are talent, resume, experience, qualities, and essay. The total Budget for the project is $1000, the amount is given as a direct transfer via PayPal or other platforms. The first place awardee will get 500 dollars, the second place awardee gets 300 dollars, and the third-place awardee gets 200 dollars. Funds for this program will be from donations via Universal Vidya’s Paypal account. 

The application will take place from January 01st to March 31st. Universal Vidya board members will review from April 01st to June 30th to decide on the winners. Winners will be announced on July 05th. 

The process is as follows: first, fill out the application, provide the contact information of the applicant. Submit through application: Essay, Resume, Financial Eligibility form, Recommendation(s), and Portfolio or Sample work. After submission, emails will be sent to the applicants as confirmation. 

After the application closes, we will email the winners, and have winners submit their pictures and name to add to the winners' section of the website. To avoid legal issues, we will request the winners to submit a photo and video release form. Finally, we will request financial information to send the money to the winners. 

None of the board members, their relatives, or members of the committee who select our recipients or their relatives are eligible to receive funds. 

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