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Recruiting Details

Qualifications, Expectations, Benefits, and Selection Process can be found on the "Universal Vidya Recruitment" linked below.

Credit Options

Students may receive volunteer hours, internship credit, or a certificate of volunteer service. Students may receive course credit hours if their educational institution (college, university, school, etc..) approves. For course credit hours, please share your institution’s guidelines for course credit or their contact information for us to contact for information.

We are also a PVSA-certified organization, meaning we can provide presidential volunteer service awards to eligible volunteers.

Team Meeting

Volunteers and Interns

Show Your Support

Positions details can be found by clicking on the "Universal Vidya Recruitment: Requirements, Procedure, Position Details, Applications" button above. 

Application can be accessed via the "Application" button below. 

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Ambassador Program

Show Your Support

Ambassador is someone that promotes the organization's content. As an ambassador you are expected to share and support Universal Vidya content and work via your social media.

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Have an Impact

Universal Vidya club, organization, or student groups can be located on educational institutions (middle school, high school, and college campuses) across the world. Clubs will be focused on executing the work of Universal Vidya on a local, community-based level with their peers and school. 

Program Overview

Professor & Students

Chapters Program

Help Us Soar

A chapter-based organization is any organization that has local branches in multiple areas and shares a mission. We will provide a program that the specific chapters will follow. 

Program Overview

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Partner with Us

Nonprofit Partnerships


Partnerships and collaboration are strategic alliances between nonprofits that are intended to achieve greater impact than any organization could generate on its own.​

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Advisory Program

Guidance and Support

A nonprofit advisory board is responsible for performing tasks outside of the usual purview of the nonprofit board itself. Advisory boards are formed to give the nonprofit organization specialized information, experience, and skills, so that the organization is able to achieve things that it otherwise could not.

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