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Our Projects

Main Idea -- Education comes first

Provide educational resources to as many students and teachers that need those and as much as we can.

Education & Outreach

Workshops - Career Exploration

We bring guests that specialize in an industry or career. The guests join to provide their education and experiences which lead them to their current status. The purpose of these workshops is to provide students insight into different career options and pathways to get into those options. Our goal is for students to discover different paths that professionals go through to be successful.

Process: participants need to sign up via google form for that specific workshop. Universal Vidya will email the participants the google meet information to join the workshop LIVE to ask questions. On the day of the event, we record the session with permission from guests and participants to have the recording uploaded to YouTube for our audience that could not join LIVE. 

Support Services

Scholarship Program

The purpose of the scholarship program is to support students in the further education of their academic journey. Intended audiences are students that lack most academic performance records, but showcase their talent and excellence through the application. Most organizations that provide scholarships to students do so solely based on their academic performance, which does not allow talented and academically lacking students to get any scholarship opportunity. However, our organization will have a holistic review of applicants and provide scholarships to students based on the entire application and not just academic performance.


Education & Outreach

Yearly Events

The yearly event will be done to develop Universal Vidya's name, while it will also be providing insights on various topics to our intended audience.

Community Development

School Supply Drive

The school supply drive will be done for support to teachers and professors. The donors can be any individual that would like to donate used or new supplies that we can make into packages to send to schools and colleges for teachers and professors.

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Education & Outreach


Workshop recording and informational videos by Universal Vidya team members to educate students on various topics. 

Topics include but are not limited to: student life tips, LinkedIn profile, career exploration planning, time management, and how to start a nonprofit series for student leaders.

Programs: Programs
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