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Education & Outreach

Yearly Events

The yearly event will be done to develop Universal Vidya's name, while it will also be providing insights on various topics to our intended audience. Our intended audience includes any members of the community along with students of middle school, high school, and college or university. Our participants are who we collaborate or host the event for. Depending on the event, we may have different participants and audiences for each event. 

The yearly events will be conducted via an online platform to cover a universal audience. The online platform and details are determined according to the event. The event will occur annually in December, the planning will be done from October to December to make sure everything is well organized and planned. The fee for yearly events that need to be paid by the audience will be $10 per day, meaning if there is a 2-day event or an event for a period of days, we will add up to $10 to each day added.

We determined this fee after looking at our team’s contribution to the event, and this fee will be a reward for the team’s hard work. The fees will be used for Universal Vidya, for future events, programs, or activities. 

Yearly Events: Service
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